From Fabrication to Creation

Contrary to the general approach to contemporary digital design, this pavilion puts the fabrication in the middle of the creation process, not at the end. Adding the final artistic burst after the component production allows tackling one of the greatest concerns of creators and designers.
We have achieved to bridge the gap by an aggregation system which allowed free addition and subtraction of elements at any stage of the building process, even after it's completion. An initial core structure was designed beforehand serving as our base expectations of the outcome of the pavilion and will serve as a base for further development. After its completion, there are about 30% more added pieces devoted to artistic completion. Volume was modified according to the position of the pavilion itself, the visitor's views, paths of movement.

Built by: Zvonko Vugreshek, Zlatko Yanakiev, Monika Kalinowska.
Team DesignMophine pavilion for FabFest 2017
Won 3rd place - QHT Award for Architectural Spirit

Zvonko vugreshek dsc 2115
Zvonko vugreshek dsc 2154
Zvonko vugreshek dsc 2161
Zvonko vugreshek dsc 2117
Zvonko vugreshek dsc 2089

From between the connections

Zvonko vugreshek dsc 2162
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From Fabrication to Creation