Sydney Fish Market

work during interning at 3XN A/S
Copenhagen, Denmark

The Sydney Fish Market places people at the centre, with an emphasis on place-making to foster a strong sense of community which excels in its ability to create value for all stakeholders. I have worked on the optimisation and rationalisation of the roof structure, scripting the most optimal way of roof panelisation with all detailing and fabrication included. I also scripted the main staircase which resulted in an script that the whole office can use.

Zvonko vugreshek roof var1 sun

Render made by 3XN Render Department - Sketch

Zvonko vugreshek tiles coloured section

Panel types by curvature & orientation - Section

Zvonko vugreshek tiles coloured

Panel types by curvature & orientation - Axonometric

Zvonko vugreshek mesh curvature

Roof curvature