Voronoic Bothanical Garden

personal work on Design Studio 8, Faculty of Architecture, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje
project in collaboration with Bisera Makrievska, visualizations, 3D modelling and scripting by me.
project location: right bank of the river Vardar, Skopje, Macedonia

The Voronoi diagram is the most common pattern found in nature. It is the perfect base point for a bothanical garden. The location is a single 40 point diagram out of which the chosen cells for the objects are further divided by an another round of points whose count is proportional to the count of the entire location. After that pathways are carved by culling out cell patterns out of the subdivided objects. the remaining cells are extruded by attractors to a reasonable height to represent kind of a topology on which the plants would be grown, and to ensure more or less equal sight on all of them.

Zvonko vugreshek untitled1hdr4crop
Zvonko vugreshek aerialhdr

bird's eye perspective

Zvonko vugreshek sit crop

Site Plan

Zvonko vugreshek sever shaded saturated


Zvonko vugreshek jug shaded saturated


Zvonko vugreshek lokacija presek desaturated

section through site

Zvonko vugreshek presek shaded desaturated300

section through cell

Zvonko vugreshek unutra hdr

internal cellular paths/cellular topography

Zvonko vugreshek unutra1hdr2potpis

internal cellular paths/cellular topography